Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers Day - a beautiful spring Sunday

It's been a lovely Mothers Day and I have been spoilt by my three lovely daughters.

I have had a very easy relaxed day and have been thinking about all of the different projects I have on the go. I seem to be flitting from one thing to another without completing very much. - I have lots of different knitting projects on the go and yesterday I started to crochet granny squares as my daughter Kate wants to commission a blanket for her nursery.

I have also fallen in love with a knitting book by Sian Brown its called The Knitted Home and has hand knitted projects in it for every room. I keep dipping into the book - so far I have knitted a basket of pebbles which can be sewn together to make a draft excluder, a tea cosy and some flower squares that can be sewn together to make a blanket, throw or maybe a cushion they are so beautiful.
Basket of pebbles

I just couldn't stop knitting the pebbles I have more than enough for a draft excluder but I think they look really good just in a basket

I love them

I hope I have got you hooked and you are checking out your yarn stash to start knitting pebbles.

I have also been knitting mushrooms and have made them in different shapes and sizes.

These are my first attempts. I am trying to master the art of knitting in the round with 4 needles - hope you like them. 

They are now living in Parsons Green as my daughter Kate has adopted them.

I think I am going to adapt this pattern and have a go at knitting trees - my husband thinks I might need help!

I have also being knitting hats for two tiny twin boys who were born on Friday. They were a few weeks early but are doing very well. I will have to get the hats in the post tomorrow - if I have time I will take a photo of the hats in the morning and put it on my next post..

In an earlier post I showed you a hat I had been commissioned to knit for a lovely little girl called Florence -  I have just had a lovely photo emailed to me of Flo wearing her new red beret.

Doesn't she look adorable  - I can't wait to design her next hat but I think she has got quite a bit of growing room in this one to keep her warm for a few months.

I have also got lots to tell you about my baking projects - hopefully back soon to tell you all about them good night x


  1. Such a beautiful blog, very inspiring reading! I love my new toadstools and have emailed you some photos of them in their new home...Hope the granny squares are going well. Please will you post some pictures of your work in progress..? x

  2. So pleased you like the blog - I have been busy with your granny squares and will post some photos tomorrow x


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