Saturday, 28 July 2012

We had a fun afternoon at Brooklyn Pottery ..............






I had a wonderful afternoon yesterday with my daughter's and grandchildren - we went to Brooklyn Pottery which has recently opened in Stockport. It is a pottery studio with a vintage tea room, and art gallery. It's very family friendly and you can have fun painting your chosen piece whilst indulging in a lovely freshly made coffee or pot of tea. Lots of delicious cakes are also on offer if you want to be tempted.

You pay a flat rate studio fee and then choose your pottery to paint, prices vary from about £2 upwards depending on the size and complexity of each piece . The children (and adults) had great fun.
Daisy May having lots of fun

Finn - very proud of his Shark

Alex checking out the fine liner before adding detail to his gecko

Zachy and mummy checking out the handprints

I can't wait to see the finished pieces when they have been glazed - we collect them next week, I will post some more photos.

Talk soon x


  1. This looks like lots of fun. I remember going to "The Plaster Fun House" in the school holidays when I was a kid doing a similar thing - though I'm sure my parents would have loved a freshly made tea or coffee to enjoy while we painted. But actually in the small country town I grew up in didn't have proper coffee anywhere until recently. It was all instant and tea bags before then.

  2. We did have great fun - I remember china painting when I was small.Glad you have got proper coffee now I couldn't do without my coffee.


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