Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Slow Living July - must do better

Another month has gone  - it's hard to believe it's now August. I feel as though I have maintained this month, which sounds a strange thing to say but I feel that I have continued to do a lot of the same, but don't seem to be moving on and improving my management of the home and improving the environment. So sorry if this post sounds more of the same but it's important for me to capture what I am doing even if it's nothing very new. I will try hard to move forward for September although it might be hard as we are away for a few weeks.

I have continued to look at ways to support my family and provide a nourishing diet.

As usual lots of cooking from scratch, batch cooking and a few experiments with new recipes. Still spending time in London so I have been preparing food for home and for Kate.

Good food planning has continued to show a fall in food waste, lots of soup and stir fry using the last of the vegetables. Even though the weather has turned cold I have avoided turning the heating on so hopefully fuel consumption will remain low.

Lots of garden waste has been compost this month,
I have supported local growers and the herbs in the garden are doing well, also hoping for an apple pie soon from my new baking apple tree.(very small pie)

Lots more crochet  - made my first stripey blanket and looking forward to more projects. Have been loving Sania Pell books so I have lots of new ideas.

I have discovered that I have more energy than I thought, as I have had a very busy month with small ones! Also discovered my will power as I have started a very strict diet.

Nothing feels nicer than dropping a dress size - keep your fingers crossed.
As well as dieting I am trying very hard to enjoy exercise, which is pushing it a bit - although I enjoyed a swim with Barbara on Monday.

I hope you have all had a good month - I  look forward to catching up with all the "slow living posts" over at  Christines - I am sure you will have all put me to shame.
talk soon
Sue x


  1. Well done on what you have achieved this month - big and small!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments -looking at your post you have had a busy month. I love all of your fresh produce.

  2. Lovely to have you joining in, Sue. You've accomplished a great deal this month. Gosh, that apple tree must be begging you everyday to make that pie! Lucky lady. :)

  3. Hi Christine thanks for your encouragement - yes I keep checking my tree as it's a new tree, we only planted it this year, the apples(now have 3)are a bonus - just want them to grow a little more.

  4. Hi Sue, nice to hear about your month. I need to get organized with food planning like you. I often don't know in the morning what we are having for dinner that night. It makes life a bit messy!

    1. Your month sounds like it's been very full it's hard to fit everything in - your sour dough looks good. Thanks for dropping by my blog ;)

  5. Sue, nothing wrong with just keeping on keeping on especially if what you're already doing suits your lifestyle, family and the way you want to live. I bet you kids really appreicate all your support with looking after the small ones - I think they pass on some of their energy when you're in their company. I've never managed to do so much on so little sleep than I have in the last three years since becoming a mum. It used to be if I had a really late night or a bad night's sleep I need a day on the couch to recover, now I just have to keep going!

    Your crocheting is always beautiful and has really inspired me. I wish I was a little faster as I have lots of projects now that I want to try.

    Hope the dieting works for you - I'm very lucky in that I don't really have to worry about what I eat, my problem is keeping weight on. But Mr Good is the kind of person that puts on weight just by thinking about food and he's tried lots of diets and things over the years. Don't be too hard on yourself while you're doing it!


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