Wednesday, 15 August 2012

yarn along ................

the books from my bedside table ..............

I have joined in with Ginny's yarn along again, I hope you have all had a lovely creative week. I can't wait to see what everyone is reading and making.

I have a number of books that have been recommended to me by friends and also kindly donated unfortunately they are all sitting on my bedside table waiting for me to read - but I am going to bed later and later as a little hook seems to keep me up!

Recently when I have been tempted to dip into a book they have all been craft, crochet, knitting and of course cookery books - my other passion, but I have decided to read "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett, it's set in Mississippi in 1962 - the story captures the difficult struggles that women face and how they find the courage to cross cultural boundaries, I'm really enjoying it.

Moving onto my current yarn project - I have to confess that the blanket I started last week has been put on one side - it's Jules fault from littlewoolie she has started a mixed stripey blanket and invited people to join in. I couldn't resist and Jules is going to add some stitch tutorials onto her blog.

I have gathered some lovely colours together and hooked my foundation chain, it's got just over 200 stitches and I have started off with half trebles as Jules recommended. I can't wait to see what our next stitch is going to be. 

Talk soon

Sue x

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  1. The Help is my favorite read this year. The movie is also done well..


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