Thursday, 15 November 2012

my creative space - Witu Scarf

I am still loving my new Granny Chic book, but also wanted to share with you a great new pattern my friend Pam found for a scarf/cowl.

The pattern is a free download from Purl & Jane (I have added the link under the pattern below ) it's really nice to knit and I love the lacey detail. I have knitted a few in different lengths and colours, and wearing two together looks good.
Purl & Jane
My friend Barbara loves scarfs and probably has more than any other person I know, but as it's her birthday tomorrow I thought I would knit her a Witu scarf to add to her collection.

I hope you have time to check in with Kirsty on "my creative space"

talk soon x


  1. Very nice scarf, Sue, your friend will be happy to wear it!

    1. Thank you Elisabeth, I have just visited your blog I think your mother will love receiving her beautiful cushion in the post :)

  2. Hi Sue
    Thank you so much for the lovely scarf i have worn it all day in fact am still wearing it went down well at the ballet at the Lowry today ...Mathew Bournes Sleeping beauty ...see yo soon

  3. I'm really pleased that you like it, see you soon x


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