Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Going Home ...................

After my lovely few days in London it's time to go home. I've packed my case and I am about to head off for the tube, I am sad to be leaving Kate and Jake but I also miss the rest of my family at home. It's such an exciting time to be around my grandchildren, Jake keeps singing little bits of twinkle twinkle little star in preparation for his nursery Christmas concert on Thursday, Alex, Finn, Daisy, Zach and Noah have got Christmas concerts and parties coming up, they are all getting very excited.

Once home it will be all go as I have a growing list of things to do, after making sure the house is all in order I will start writing my Christmas cards which is always a bigger job than I think. 

Next I am planning to get my Christmas tree and  properly decorate the house as so far I have just got a little advent corner set up for my grandchildren.

hope my tree is as nice as this .....................
    Talk soon x

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