Thursday, 24 January 2013

My creative space - more about socks

When I finished knitting my sock it felt such an achievement that I thought it was worthy of it's own very special "my creative space" sock post.

Although I am a little anxious as I'm not feeling very excited about starting it's matching friend - it feels very daunting. I couldn't wait to start my first ever sock but if I am honest I didn't find it fun it was tricky and really didn't fill me with the desire to knit another one - is that wrong!

I confessed this to Kate and she gave me a bit of a talking too, she felt the pleasure I would get when the pair was completed was worthy of all the trouble and hard work.

Not sure I wanted this mature philosophical response from my daughter - I think I was hoping for a well done mum for completing a sock, it doesn't matter about the other one or at least now you know you can knit a sock!

I have kept the lonely sock where I can see it and feel sure that very soon I will be overcome with guilt and the overwhelming need to get those wretched 4 needles back out (who am I trying to kid) - have you got any one sock stories to share.

Talk soon but before you go why don't you pop over to Kirsty for her weekly "My Creative Space" post x

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  1. It is gorgeous!! Well done! Do jump onto its mate! :) I started sock knitting nearly 2 years ago and addicted!!! I have knitted 3 socks in the past 6 weeks - I must say it took me a year to knit a pair before that.... I am addicted to sock wool now to the point that I have just knitted half a pair in some wool and started another one in another wool, as I could not wait to see what that wool looked like! Ha!!


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