Thursday, 28 February 2013

my creative space - heart bunting

My friend Elizabeth was admiring my tiny heart bunting which is strung across one of my wall units and wondered if I would make her some to hang in her bedroom.

I have a little box of crochet hearts that is so full the hearts are spilling out - in quiet moments the thing that pleases me most is hooking another heart! What a quandary - I have hearts a plenty, no project planned for them, I would happily make something for my dear friend but (it's a big but) can I part with my tiny cute baby hearts...........

I have decided that as today is my linky post with Kirsty at 'my creative space' I am going to put my Billie blanket to one side and make some bunting for Elizabeth. I'm going to stop being a mean girl with an unhealthy attachment to cute little hearts - but they are so lovely.

I spread them out across my table to decide on the colours, should they be random or in a more orderly sequence - I think order won.

The next thing is to crochet all the tails into little loops. I will then crochet a long chain and attach the little loop hearts as I go.

It will take longer than I thought to complete as it takes quite a lot of time to crochet the loops and I think I might need to make a few more pink hearts to fit with my sequence.

When it's finished I think it will look adorable -  this is going to be very difficult to give away....................

Talk soon x

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  1. I luv ur crochet hearts. ive just picked up crochet,and cant stop making granny squares...maybe ill try hearts next!

  2. How cute those little hearts are!!! I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the finished thing!

  3. This is too cute!!



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