Sunday, 10 March 2013

mothers day ....................

I have been well and truly spoilt today by my three lovely daughters - what a lucky mum I am.

My cards contained lovely heart felt messages that I will treasure.

Now that my daughters have children they embrace the wonderment of motherhood, the joy and laughter it brings but also appreciating how demanding the role can be, and just how amazing being a mum is.

My three girls know me so well, I received some very thoughtful gifts, a fab cook book from Kate, some very special cake making products from Laura and a lovely floral arrangement from Vicky.

Vicky and the children called round to see me this morning, Laura invited me and Mr R for Sunday lunch (which was yummy) sadly I haven't seen Kate today but we have had a chat on the telephone and she is coming home for Easter.

Thank you for taking the time to follow me and for liking my facebook page - also a big thank you for the lovely comments you send me I love reading them all.

Talk soon xxx

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