Monday, 22 April 2013

a little birdie has just flown in ........

I recently found a delightful blog Emmie and Emma at home. Emma lives in a small village in Cumbria and her blog gives us a little glimpse of her life, the beautiful surrounding country and the amazing arts and crafts she produces in her studio. I adore the little roses that she recently blogged about but I lost my heart to an adorable little blue bird. I popped over to Emma's Etsy shop and was so excited when I saw that one little blue bird was available. So just a few clicks on the keyboard and using the wonders of Paypal my order was placed.

I waited patiently (only two days) and  then the moment arrived a little parcel popped through my letterbox - yeah it's just perfect.

I can't wait to open it...............................
lovely wrapping....................
just perfect..........................
just got to decide what to wear now.................
If you have time do pop over and have a peep at Emma's blog and Etsy shop they are well worth a visit and I've just found out that Emma organises workshops. I would love a few days in Cumbria and combining it with a workshop sounds wonderful - something else to add to my list of things to do.

Hope you are well, talk soon x


  1. ...beautiful blue bird!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  2. Whoop hooo my giveaway parcel arrived today and it has totally made my day. Such a lovely selection of gifts. So thoughtful and generous I love them all. We are seeing William at the weekend and I know he will love his hop pity bunny. Thank you again . A real treat xx

  3. hello Sue, I am soo very happy to come and live with you and loving the pictures of me on your blog!!
    love the LBB xx

  4. Lovely Birdie. Shall be popping over and looking at your recommendation shortly x

  5. Lovely little bird - something else to add to my wishlist. x

  6. Oh, it's so pretty. I love little bird decorations, I have several around my house, both made and bought.

  7. Beautiful little birdie ... Bee xx

  8. What a cute little thing :)

  9. Gosh, the bluebird is so cute! No wonder you couldn't resist :) Wendy

  10. Oh what a sweet little blue bird - I'm not surprised you had to have him!
    Lovely blog - thank you - I have joined and look forward to catching up with more of your lovely posts. In the meantime I am heading off to take a look at Emmia and Emma, thank you! Joy x

  11. What a gorgeous little birdie. Must have a look at that blog now...
    M x

  12. Hi, I've got one of EmmieandEmma make's birds. I am fortunate to live not far away and have been to a couple of workshops in her lovely studio. Nice and relaxed atmosphere, and so patient and encouraging. Really brings out your creativity.

    By the way, love your blog, am now a follower.

    J xx


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