Friday, 26 April 2013

nature in the home................

I’m joining in with Lou's nature in the home series and this week's challenge was to go foraging - so I've done just that.
Armed with my secateurs I was pleasantly surprised just how much lovely spring colour my garden had to offer  - hopefully I've managed to bring some sunshine and cheer from outside in.......................

I was so pleased with my collection; I had pink and white Camellias, sprigs of flowering Redcurrant, Aubrietia, Heather, Primulas and a few others I can't name. Nothing was wasted I found an assortment of different containers all shapes and sizes. I was very excited to use my two new mini milk bottles - just like the ones I had at school.

hope you like my mini indoor garden.................

talk soon x


  1. What a lovely array of flowers. I have the grand total of 2 hyacinths in flower in my garden so I'd have failed this challenge miserably. Must plant more spring flowering plants! x

  2. It's so pretty! You have a lot of flowers blooming already, how nice.

  3. Oh Sue, you must have a lovely garden with all those gorgeous little specimens available; how delightful! And what a great find, those little mini milk bottles - so useful. Gosh those were the days - we used to put the bottles on the radiators to defrost the milk so we could drink it at morning 'play' time - did you? Have a lovely weekend! Joy x

  4. How lovely - what a superb variety you found!

  5. What a lovely way to display them. And I'm impressed with (and quite envious of!) the amount of colour in your garden. x

  6. gosh you have found some much colour!! I love all the small displays.. beautiful! x

  7. what a beautiful little collection!

  8. Can you hear my sigh of contentment here in France? :-) I think your pictures are so very lovely and inspiring and I am so very glad I have found your blog which I intend to return to visit soon!

    Happy sunday to you.


  9. I love all of the colors! The flowers are beautiful.

    Heidi’s Wanderings


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