Wednesday, 1 May 2013

yarn along - baby hat update.........................

My yarn along post this week is an update on my bonnet progress which has been slow due to a certain little bunny taking all my spare time (more tomorrow) The hat is finished and the flower is knitted it just needs assembling and I've also started the matching headband. Hopefully within a day or two this project will be complete, then I can start my other two hat commissions - I've got some nice ideas...........

The novel I've got on the go is another crime thriller which I bought from a local Charity Shop over the weekend, I also found some lovely little flowery bowls, I must show them you later in the week but back to my book it's written by Jo Nesbo. It will be about the 4th book I have read by this author, the main character is Harry Hole a grizzled, ex-alcoholic, unlucky-in-love, detective. The stories are really gripping in the same genre as Stieg Larsson - worth a peep

Hope you will have time to pop over to Ginny's and have a look at the other yarn alongers.

talk soon x


  1. Perfect shade of pink. So pretty. :)

  2. Very cute hat Sue ... you must show the end result with the flower and hearts? attached. I'm also curious about this bunny (live or knitted? hmmmm). Have a great day! Wendy

  3. The hat is so pretty. I haven't read that author myself but I'm seeing his/her books everywhere (sorry, I don't actually know the author's gender!) and I like that kind of literature so I will have to give those books a try.

  4. The pink is so sweet, I'm sure it will be well loved!

  5. You've done a lovely job on it Sue - I do love that shade of pink. Joy

  6. Gorgeous hat and lovely details!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  7. love the details (border and flower)!!
    xxxx Ale


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