Thursday, 13 June 2013

nature in the home - a series.....................

Lou's theme this week was a favourite plant. I have had a Begonia as a house plant for over 34 years - which must almost be a world record. Some years it can look a little sad and then suddenly it will have a burst of vitality and produce a beautiful new leaf.

 I think it's looking pretty perky at the moment - the colours are so vibrant..............

talk soon x


  1. I recently rescued a yellow bergonia from the bargain section in my local supermarket and its been wonderful, doubt I will be able to keep it alive as long as yours though! I think it may be a record x

  2. That's amazing ... your plant is the same age as me ... you must have magic green fingers :) ... Bee xx

  3. Wow Sue - that is some record - that beautiful plant must be very happy with you.
    Joy x

  4. That plant is over 34 years old?! That's amazing. Seriously, I have never heard of that before. :)

  5. Hi Sue, your plant is incredible! I've never given much thought to the longevity of indoor plants, or lack thereof in our household! Lovely blog :-) Mel x

  6. Wow 34 years, that's amazing! It's such beautiful colours. xx


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