Wednesday, 26 June 2013

yarn along - a few more squares.............

I am joing in with Ginny and her weekly yarn along post. Unfortunately I've not got very much to report this week as my crochet has been slow - just a few more squares to share with you.................

Reading wise I have been dipping back into my Gifts from the Garden book as it has some lovely ideas for jams and preserves. I quite fancy trying my hand at making some and my plum tree looks like it will have a bumper crop later in the year. If nothing else I want to make plum jam and also try bottling some of the whole fruits.

Hope if time permits you will pop over to see the other yarn along posts here

talk soon and thank you for your lovely comments, they mean such a lot to me x


  1. Your blanket is going to be so lovely - and what an accomplishment as well! You know, I read about plum jam once - this book talked about extracting the inside of the plum pit (apparently there's a little nut in there) to use for additional flavor in the jam (you take them out before canning) - it said it adds a little je ne sais quoi. BUT I always thought plum pits are poisonous - does your recipe talk about that at all?

  2. Hello Sue.
    My crocheting this week has been a little slow too!
    Lovely squares they'll make something beautiful I'm sure x

  3. I love the colors you're using for your squares.

  4. Homemade jam is so delicious! Your new crochet squares are looking lovely.
    Helen x

  5. And those squares are looking lovely Sue. Some weeks are a bit slower than others aren't they, but it's always good to have variety and an interesting book is a most enjoyable thing. My Mum used to make a lovely plum jam - sweet memories! Enjoy the making when the plums are ready - looks like a very nice book!
    Joy x

  6. Your squares are coming on a treat! I love that book, I bought it as a gift for a gardening friend of mine and know that it is full of beautiful ideas xox Penny

  7. Your crochet squares are looking great, it's going to make such a beautiful blanket. Ooh that book looks better each time I see it, it's going on my wish list. Plum jam is so yummy, I made a massive batch a few years ago and I have to say that's its up there with my all time faves. Enjoy your crochet and that wonderful book xo

  8. I just love the colours you've chosen for your squares, and have fun making jam. I tried it with strawberries last year and it turned out delicious. Just go for it!

  9. Really love the colours you use, your blanket will be so very pretty:)

  10. I'm going to join in with the Yarn Along I think. Any chance of a weekly reminder message on a Wednesday? ;-)

  11. Your crochet squares look lovely, great colours! I would love to be able to crochet, I must have another go some time. x


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