Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Yarn along - hexi blanket update

I'm joining in with Ginny for this week’s yarn along; as usual I can't wait to see what everyone else is up to. I don't have a lot new to share with you this week as I'm still working on my hexagon blanket but it's progressing well and I do feel very pleased with it. I've just changed from trebles to doubles and I'm still deciding on whether to add a decorative edge or not - what do you think?
I think the colours work really well together and the blanket is keeping it's shape perfectly. It already keeps my knees cosy when I am busy hooking round and round.

I'm about halfway through “The Seamstress” and Kate was right the book is a bit slow at first but is well worth persevering with. I have also started to read "The Happy Project" but more about that tomorrow.

Don't forget to pop over to see Ginny here 

talk soon x


  1. I love the colours, and I am very impressed by the perfect shape - my crochet meanders along ......

  2. What great colors! I love the hexagon blanket and I'm sure it's very meditative to crochet.

  3. A beautiful and stunning blanket with gorgeous colours. I think I would leave it as it is, an edging may take away from the main blanket.


  4. It's wonderful. It looks as though you've already blocked it! Love those colours too. x

  5. Your blanket is beautiful! :)

  6. Nice blanket Sue. A border finishes off nicely I reckon.

    Rachell - The Little Room of

  7. Oh wow, your Hexi-blanket is gorgeous! I love it, is it your own pattern?
    Marigolds' Loft

    1. I got the pattern for a small hexagon motif from a magazine but I just kept going round and round x

  8. Your color choice is perfect and love the shape !

  9. It's beautiful ... I think I like it borderless ... Bee xx

  10. Your blanket is looking beautiful Sue - and I think a nice border would just finish it off!
    Joy x

  11. Love the blanket and the colours work really well together. Why not add a border on one section and see how it looks you can always take it back out. Thanks for the recommendation on the book. :)

  12. Your blanket looks great and the colours work really well together. Why not add a border to one section and see how it looks, you can always take it back out if you don't like it. Thanks for the book recommendation. :)

  13. Such a nice blanket!! The colours are great, and personally I like simple single crochet borders :)
    Have a great day

  14. I love your blanket. You are right the colors work very well together. I think a border would g well, but it depends. Off whom you are making it for. You can make it more masculine or more feminine dependenimg on who u are going to give it to... :)

  15. Oh wow, your blankie is just fab - I know I've said it before, but I really love the colours you've chosen. I think a nice border would finish it off nicely too.
    Have fun!

  16. Oh my! I LOVE it. Its got such great cozy feel to it, the colors really look good. What kind of decorative edge have you in mind?

  17. hello sue,
    i love your blanket. the colours are so beautiful, i love it.
    have a nice day,

  18. Sue, your blanket is just beautiful! I love the colors you used and it's truly lovely just as it is, but a decorative edge would be nice as well. :) Paulette

  19. like colors, shape, even crocheting -- I've done squares, I'll have to try a hexi.

  20. You are right, the colours do look lovely together.


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