Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Yarn along - more lovely granny squares..............

I've started my next project and I'm on a bit of a roll my pile of granny squares is growing at a pace. I don't have much time to hook in the day but my evenings seem to be spent snuggled on the sofa with my yarn and hook to hand, TV on and maybe an occasional glass of wine (not every night of course). 

I am making single colour squares and when I have enough I'm going to use the join as you go method to bring them all together into a blanket.  I'm planning to crochet the joining round in a contrasting colour and use the same colour for the border. I have an idea in my head how it will look but can't decide on the joining colour yet. Although I think I have decided on the colours for my granny squares - what do you think......................

My yarn stash is continuing to grow as I couldn't resist a recent style craft offer so my yarn drawers are bursting at the seams. In fact I have had to store a rather large yarn delivery behind the sofa (17 x 100 gram balls are quite difficult to hide/I mean fit in a drawer) I am reconciling this with how much money I will save in the long run, also it makes sense to be well stocked ready for making Christmas gifts doesn't it? 

Mr R finds it hard to understand my passion for yarn but he doesn't seem to mind a cosy blanket although he draws the line at cushions which are frequently moved off the sofa when he sits down.

My reading has been slow I only read novels when I go to bed and recently by the time I've climbed into my bed I have been so weary my light has been switched off straightaway. My plan is to finish the Seamstress this week as I am really enjoying the story, it's very well written and captivating (unless you are exhausted)

Hope you have time to join in with Ginny's yarn along I can't wait to pop over.

Talk soon x


  1. Your yarn is displayed so nicely! I just love granny squares.

  2. Sue, I'm loving your colour choice for your new blanket. They remind me of the end of the summer colours, just before we move into autumn. Looking forward to see what your joining colour will be.

    My hiding, sorry storage place for my new delivery ( can't for the life of me think why I needed it) is under the bed in the spare room. :)
    I'm sure it's something we all have in common.

    Sally xxx

  3. Hi sue.
    I am trying a lot of books downloaded at the moment to my iPhone. I, like you have amen to reading in the daytime as I feel so sleepy when I climb into bed. Could read when I am awake later in the night though !!!
    Your blanket is going to be lovely and the box of yarn looks scrummy.

  4. Love granny squares- the colors you chose are so pretty- you have inspired me to take out my crochet hook.

  5. Oh your wee squares look gorgeous, I love the colours. Loving all that Stylecraft yarn in the box too...
    M x

  6. You always seem to pick the loveliest of colour combinations :-)
    And I always go by the mantra: you have to spend money, to save money - so well done on the Stylecraft bargain!
    Happy hooking,

  7. what lovely granny squares! Yarn is so wonderful; I had to not get any in August as my places for yarn are filling to the brim! sounds like we have a similar problem... :)

  8. Lovely grannies, lovely colours, lovely stash!!!

  9. I absolutely love those colors together, I think the shades of pink will go beautifully with the green and grey. :)

  10. Such lovely colours, looking forward to seeing the finished blanket. I am glad that I am not the only one with things hidden, I mean stored in odd places - cupcake cases, cake stands, wool, candles ....

  11. I can't wait to see it all come together ... I really like the single colours squares ... very effective ... Bee xx

  12. What a beautiful colour combination, draws filled with yarn sounds bliss, looking forward to seeing this blanket develop.
    Clare x

  13. Your squares are lovely it's going to be a beautiful blanket, I have yarn stashed everywhere not just behind the sofa and yes you are right one does need a good selection of colours at hand at all times. :)

  14. Lovely post about cozy things :) your granny sqaures look great and the yarn stash is impressive. As for men, I think they all are alike. They just dont understand the yarn people ;)

    "Seamstress" - Ive known this book from shop shelves. Do write more about it when you have read it. Looks interesting.

    thank you for visiting my blog. added yours to my list.

  15. Hi, love the colour combo. I'm finding it hard to find time to read. I have the same book in my pile of 'to reads'. I will try it next. Just read Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver. Really enjoyed it. It was our book club read of the month and for once I've managed to read a whole book.
    S xx

  16. you are right : your granny squares are lovely!
    xxxxx Ale

  17. I love that Special DK - these colors are fabulous!

  18. I loooove your squares, Sue!
    kisses from Catalonia!

  19. I love those colours, they are very me! Enjoy your snuggling/reading time, it all sounds so cosy!

  20. Love your squares and colours Sue - and the snazzy box you have them stored in! And of course you must get prepared for Christmas gift making .. .. .. .. ENJOY!
    Joy x

  21. Really loving all those colours together, especially the green and the blue. x

  22. Seeing those sweet little granny squares, makes me want to go yarn shopping !
    So many things to do and not even a minute of extra time to spare !
    Loving your color choices. ;)

  23. Hello Sue, Thanks for visiting my blog.
    The Pumpkin Fair is something we are looking forward to. It is always busy in a nice way.
    Regards from the Netherlands,

  24. Love those colours. There is nothing like a mindless granny to while away the evenings - I always fall back on those when the going gets tough. They have got me quite a few crisis. Jo x

  25. Hello Sue,

    I love the colours of your granny squares, and look forward to seeing the finished result.

  26. Wow, so many gorgeous colours of yarn - in squares and waiting! LOVE!

  27. Look forward to seeing the final colour you choose to join your squares with, the colours are lovely - particularly the greys. It is always essential to be well stocked for the winter - you might get snowed in! x

  28. Hi I'm a new follower of your blog, and love the colours you have chosen for your blanket. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses. X

  29. I can't wait to see your granny blanket when it is done. The color combination is beautiful.

  30. Ohhh, the box full of skeins is a heartwarming sight!! You've chosen a wonderful combination of colors, the grannies look so lovely :-)). Maybe a dark purple / aubergine-color would be good for joining and border? Or a dark blue or anthracite.


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