Tuesday, 22 October 2013

52 weeks of happy - 42/52

Another busy week and I have been spoilt for choice with happies so after much thought I have decided to share these special four with you are:-

1.Finns portrait - Finn is red because he supports United and Grandad is blue because he supports City.......

2. Laura's amazing Lego marshmallows - she is so clever

3.My felted acorns - I love them

4. Drinking Prosecco and making malteser tiffin - so yummy

  thank you for stopping by

  talk soon x


  1. Oh my goodness...those felted acorns are just darling!!!!
    xo Kris

  2. Really great happies this week Sue, especially the marshmallows, they are amazing. I see that you are on the countdown to the end of the weeks of happies, I will miss reading others happies posts! Hope you have lots more happies for the next week. xx

  3. What a lovely creative family you all are x

  4. I made some felted acorns last year and love them.

  5. wow those felt acorn are amazing so beautiful, what lovely happies
    Clare x

  6. I just love your felted acorns. I have a thing about acorns and would love to learn to felt just so I could make some, I think! And the prosecco...yum. Always good. x

  7. Those Lego marshmallows are so clever! Love the acorns too very cute x

  8. Four very happy, very inspirational photos! Your acorns are just soooo sweet! Chrissie x ps I thi k Laura should have a blog...

  9. Looks like you have had a wonderful week. I love the lego marshmallows and the acorns x

  10. those felted acorns are so cute!! a very happy post =)

  11. Such wonderful happies. I love those gorgeous little acorns, they are sooo sweet! xo


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