Thursday, 7 November 2013

crochet along............................

I am joining in with Marianne and Chrissie's crochet along and have hooked some Poppies for my friends and family.

I saw the idea on Clare's lovely blog she has made a beautiful Poppy for her sister and kindly added the link for the pattern which can be found here.

 As you know I'm not good a making just one of anything so I hope you like my little collection.

I didn't have any DK yarn so made do with Chunky weight I used a small 3.5mm hook to make it quite dense and I am pleased with the results.

Instead of a button in the middle I adapted the pattern and made my own centre. With shimmery black yarn I chained 4, joined with a slip stitch and then hooked 12 trebles into the middle with a slip stitch to finish. On the back of the Poppy I have handstitched a little brooch back, I forgot to take a photo of this stage - sorry.

It feels funny not joining in with Yarn along as well this week but Ginny had more important things to think about, her new baby boy was born on Tuesday, for a little glimpse pop over here

thank you for stopping by

talk soon x


  1. All of your poppies are beautiful. I stopped at making one, but if mine had been as lovely as yours I would have made more too! xx

  2. Your poppies are just lovely Sue! Thank you for linking up.
    Marianne x

  3. What a wonderful little Remembrance bouquet! I love how you did the centres, they have texture like the real thing! Chrissie xxx

  4. They are looking so wonderful, I love the centres.
    Clare x

  5. What beautiful looking poppies.
    Sally xxx

  6. Echo Joyful above! Absolutely lovely!

  7. They are lovely poppies, really like the different versions of the pattern :)

  8. These are lovely. I like the crocheted center -good idea!

  9. Those poppies are just perfect!

  10. Aw what lovely poppies just perfect x

  11. So cute!! Both the poppies and the buttons!!
    xo Kris

  12. These are lovely Sue, just like the real thing. Xo

  13. Just brilliant and stunning Sue.


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