Monday, 6 January 2014

cake pops..........................

As you already know I do a lot of baking but apart from my mixer and food processer I don’t really go in for gadgets. But I have just succumbed to a cake pop maker, mainly because it was on sale and it did seem almost churlish not to buy it. The cake pop maker was ordered and I was waiting patiently for it to arrive, I hadn’t told Laura about my purchase as I thought it would be a nice surprise and that we could spend a morning experimenting with it when it arrived.

One day last week I popped into Laura’s for a coffee on my way home from shopping and whilst we chatted in the kitchen I noticed something bright pink and shiny on the work surface – a cake pop maker! She had forgotten to tell me she had got one; it was a surprise Christmas present. Anyway now we will both have cake pop makers to play with.

On Thursday my gadget arrived and Laura came over for the morning and brought hers too. Once you get the hang of them and how much filling to use they are quite amazing. It takes about 3 minutes to cook 12 pops, and they come out of the tray so easily. You have to work really quickly when you put the cake mixture in as the machine is hot and the batter starts to cook straight away, so the first ones are cooking before you have finished filling the rest – if that makes sense. A good tip is to use an icing bag as it makes it much easier to add the filling quickly and evenly.

I don’t think we overcooked many and they tasted yummy when coated in chocolate. The decorating  part is a bit messy and we are still refining our system, I am slightly jealous of Laura’s machine as hers came with a nice stand to hold 12 pops - mine didn’t so I will have to improvise.

They do look yummy don't they....................

I have made cake pops before but that involved making sponge cake and then blitzing in the food processor, adding butter cream to it and moulding the mix into balls. The mixture then had to be chilled before coating in chocolate, very tasty but much more work and ten times sweeter because of the butter cream.

I am now thinking of all the occasions when I can make cake pops, birthday parties, Easter, Christmas the possibilities are endless. I can’t wait to have a cake pop making and decorating session with the little ones.

talk soon xxx


  1. They do look delicious and they're decorated beautifully.
    Anne xx

  2. They look fab and so much yummy fun to make
    Clare x

  3. Great fun... And I agree what a lovely thing to do with the children. I have even seen some decorated as animals.

  4. I bet you would be able to find the stand online. Nice gadget.

  5. I have never made cake pops because I didn't fancy all that making cake then crumbs and the frosting mix etc, and I wasn't sure if the pop makers would be any good, so great to get a good review from you Sue. Perhaps later in the year when I am not trying not to eat cake!! Hope you and your family have lots of fun with this. The decorations look great by the way! xx

  6. I agree, those cake pops look yummy and I bet they taste yummy too! I'm sure the little ones will love making them, especially the decorating bit.
    Have a lovely week!
    Marion x

  7. I pause at the cake pop makers in the store, and then force myself to move on. They look like such fun, but I really don't have room for more appliances. I'm glad you're enjoying the creating ... your first batch looks like a complete success! They're so cute, aren't they? Your grandkids are going to love baking these with you ... watch those little fingers on the hot plate. Glad to see you back Sue ;) Wendy x

  8. Those things look like fun with a capital fun! You are going to be the coolest gran ever. I know you already are but this is just extra.

  9. What fun, glad you had such a fab first try!

  10. Goodness!!! Those are the most gorgeous cake pops I have ever seen! Pure perfection...i have never been successful with them...Great job and a very Happy New Year to you as well!!!

  11. I actually had no idea how cake pops were made. That looks like a lot of fun!

  12. Hi Sue, I've never heard of a cake popper that is until now, and what a brilliant gadget. I can see plenty of fun ahead.

  13. This looks such fun and they're so pretty when decorated. I bought a cake pop book, but was put off by the actual goo made to make the cake pops themselves. This looks SO much better!! Sarah xo


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