Sunday, 9 February 2014

Results are in......................

I was amazed at the number of people who entered my little giveaway  - it was so nice to receive your lovely sweet hedgehog comments. I have just filled a little tin with all of your names and some of you featured three times so lots of writing and paper folding. The little tin was given a very good shake and Mr R pulled out the winning name ( he declined the perfect photo opportunity!)

I am so pleased to announce the winner - it's Jo from "Three Stories High" you must visit her lovely blog over here

The two little hedgehogs watched over proceedings very carefully to ensure everything was above board and I think they are going to be pleased with the result.

I wish I could have sent you all a hedgehog but unfortunately my knitting isn't quite up to the job and I would have still been knitting them at Christmas.

I hope you all have a lovely week planned, I've just got home from a very busy super hero birthday party, Zachy was 5 this week and his party was a great success.

talk soon x


  1. Well done to Jo, I do love her blog and I'm sure the hedgies will be well looked after.

  2. I am sure that your hedgies will be very well received and cared for in their new home with Jo - I bet they go to her new cabin!! xx

  3. Well done Jo and happy birthday to your little super hero!

  4. How cute are they!?! That'll teach me for staying away from the blog world for so long!!!

  5. Congrats to Jo, she is so lovely and deserves this special treat.

  6. The most adorable hedgehogs ever!


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