Friday, 30 May 2014

I'm home.................

Hi everyone it seems such a long time since I've posted. Before I went on holiday life was hectic and even though I had so many things to tell you somehow time just escaped me. I have been loving my crochet workshops and crafternoon teas but they take up an awful lot of time. I hadn't really factored in all the preparation that was required and how much time I would spend baking up tasty treats. I decided that I needed a unique selling point and that was going to be cake but I have to say that is easier said than done, especially if you want to serve everything freshly made. But even though at times I have been exhausted I have found something I really love doing. My heart swells with pride when I see all the lovely crochet creations that my newbie crocheters are making. Just this week one of my very first left handed students who had trouble picking up the stitches sent me a photo of an amazing blanket, another student sent me a photo of an Amigurumi unicorn and another an image of some fab owl bunting. Seeing new crocheters progress so rapidly is such a rewarding experience.

Now that I am home I have decided to pace myself more and I'm having a break over the summer from crafternoon teas. I am concentrating on my crochet workshops, already the beginners June and July sessions are full and I am being asked to put on extra one off workshops in addition to my Heart and Mandala ones. Crochet has become very hip all of a sudden.

Before I forget to tell you my holiday was lovely. I went away with my friend Barbara and we stayed in a beautiful Hotel in Playa Blanca which is in Lanzarote. It was very quiet where we stayed with lovely coastal walks to the Marina. We spent a few lovely sunny mornings walking along the coast and then pottering around a little craft market full of wonderful creations using local lava stone and crystals. I have to confess I didn't take yarn or hooks I just rested and read lots of very easy novels, nothing to tax my tired brain.

 Just a few images to share with you................
Since arriving home I haven't stopped, I've spent time catching up with washing and housework, and with it being half term I've been looking after my little grandsons too. Also a close member of my family is very poorly so I have been spending quite a lot of the week visiting and looking after her.

I will try and post more frequently but the way things are looking time at my computer could be limited, I have dipped into a few of your wonderful blogs but I am so very far behind. Please forgive me if I don't respond to your comments or don't come to visit you as often as usual it's nothing personal just a question of time. I love hearing from you and catching up with your stories so hopefully this will only be a temporary blip and everything will soon be back to normal.

talk soon x


  1. Lovely to have you back Sue, and so glad you've had a complete break. Good to hear about all your plans, as they say ' A change is as good as a rest !'
    Look after yourself,
    Kate x

  2. Glad to see you had a good holiday. It would have been nice to see a bit more sun here over half term. Good luck with your crochet classes, you must be really pleased they are so successful. x

  3. Really pleased that your venture has been so successful but it's a good idea to slow down a bit - before you get too worn out and it becomes a chore. XX

  4. Glad you had a good time. looks amazing where you stayed x.

  5. good to hear from you! welcome back!

  6. I am glad you had a lovely holiday Sue. You look great and I hope the rest you enjoyed will give you energy for the next few weeks. x

  7. welcome back Sue!!!
    It's a pleasure to know that your crochet workshops are giving you such a big satisfaction!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  8. Busy, Busy, don't forget to rest too. Jo x

  9. Oh hello!!!! Missed you! Sounds like you had a lovely holiday! I am not familiar though, with where that is???
    Rest up. I am way behind too!!
    xo Kris

  10. How lovely that you managed to have a complete break with your friend, a real recharge of the batteries by the sounds of it.

  11. Sue. I am so glad you had the chance to totally recharge your batteries. No apologies needed just nice to think you are back again. You should be very proud you are passing on your love of Linda

  12. So nice you had time away with a lovely friend. Gla dyou are home safe and sound.

  13. Welcome back! Looks like you well and truly relaxed! Congrats on the continued success with the crochet - I have some ideas to bounce around with you when you've settled... Cxxx

  14. Sue! I was sure that I had left a welcome back, glad you had a nice time comment, but I must have forgotten to leave one! Anyhow, I am here now saying welcome back, glad you had a nice time!! Don't worry about time, visiting or comments, just do as you need to do for yourself and what fits into your life. As long as you are OK and happy that is the most important thing. xx

  15. Hi! Love your posts! We stayed in Playa Blanca over Easter; looks like you may have been quite near the Sandos Papagayo Hotel - lovely scenic walk to the Marina. Thank you for sharing.
    Toni, Kent


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