Monday, 12 May 2014

I've read a few posts recently where bloggers have shared random facts about themselves. I really enjoyed Kate's and Annie's posts they made me smile so I thought I would follow suit and share a few random facts about me.

I've started with a random picture, just because I loved this display in John Lewis. I wanted to buy everything.

Now onto random facts.............
  1. I'm wearing pink shoes today - it was sunny when I woke but now it's raining not sure pink shoes work anymore.
  2. When I was small I wanted to be Snow White - in fact maybe I still do.
  3. I used to be a nurse
  4. I hate mayonnaise - just thought I would share that insignificant fact.
  5. I have more yarn, buttons, fabric and bits and bobs than any sensible women would ever need but still want and buy more
  6. I love football especially Manchester City
  7. I love taking care of people much to Mr R's dismay - I think I have far too much empathy for my own good.
  8.  I can't ride a bike which people don't believe - is that really strange I don't think it's that strange and I did have a lovely red tricycle when I was small. It had a red boot which I squashed my dolls in to
  9.  My dad has three sisters and three daughters, I am the eldest and have three lovely daughters who have produced 5 boys between them - where have all the girls gone - although I do have one beautiful boisterous grandaughter.
  10. I am a very content person and am always thankful for my lot in life which might sound boring but I really mean it.
  11.  I love baking - I don't think that will surprise you.
  12. I'm going on holiday on Sunday - I should be planning and packing not writing random lists.
  13. I like writing lists which I then forget about.
  14. I'm completing a one sentence a day journal - sometimes I write two!
  15. I tend to leave things until the last minute - see point 12
  16. I love being a blogger
  17. I used to pretend I was Valerie Singleton - note for young people, she presented Blue Peter
I could go on forever hope you haven't all fallen to sleep - 

talk soon x


  1. Pink shoes always work! I love these random facts about you. I enjoyed Annie's too and will go and read Kate's in a minute. I might just have a go at random facts about myself soon. It is good to take care of others but I see Mr R's point, sometimes it can take over a bit. I also had a red tricycle with a red boot. My mum says that I peed in it once but I am sure that can't be true. Have a lovely holiday. x

  2. Hee hee, such a fun post, like we're having a cuppa together and a giggle! Now go finish packing, woman! ;-)

  3. Great list of random facts, enjoy the holiday
    Clare x

  4. Brilliant randoms Sue ! Loved every one.
    Have a great week,
    Kate x

  5. Brilliant. :)
    Have a great holiday. x

  6. I love this, I'll have to hop over and read the other lists! Happy holidays for Sunday.

  7. I love your random facts and the chance to find out more about you. I hope that you have a great time away!! xx

  8. Love this Sue - thanks for sharing xxx

  9. I'm surprised you didn't put point 6 at number 1 seeing as your MC have done so well recently ;)
    I like your post, it's fun although I don't understand you not liking mayonnaise. Yum!
    Have a lovely week x

  10. Brilliant, what fab facts. Bright shoes cheer the world, no matter what the weather.

  11. Cracking list. Well done to Manchester City on the title; it was a really good end of the season. And... pale pink or deep fuschia?

  12. Where are you going on holiday? Loved the facts!
    Love all of your itty bitty crochet!!
    xo Kris

  13. Loved reading this - especially that you would like to be Snow White!
    Caz xx

  14. I love the tid-bits of info.
    Have a lovely trip.

  15. Te this post...have a great holiday! xo

  16. Lovely to find out some more about you ... Bee xx

  17. What a lovely post - and a great idea to share random facts - so funny! X

  18. Brilliant list. Hope you're having a fabulous holiday.

  19. I loved this Sue! I think you get such a glimpse into a person through the sharing of random facts, it's so interesting what people choose to share. You must be on holiday by now. I hope you are having a fabulous time. xx


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