Friday, 25 July 2014

Daisy' s Birthday

I can't believe 5 years has passed since the birth of my grandaughter Daisy. She was born 12 weeks premature and was a teeny tiny baby and caused us so much worry. Now she is a bright, beautiful, chatty, strong, healthy little girl so full of life and mischief. More than able to keep up with her boisterous brothers and cousins.

Daisy had asked me to make her a birthday cake and cupcakes for her party. The theme was “Frozen” which is her favourite Disney movie. I was quite daunted when Daisy showed me images of the birthday cakes she liked. I decided I needed some help so I did a search on eBay and managed to buy a "Frozen Scene" made out of edible rice/wafer paper. It arrives flat packed and you have to cut out all of the pieces which is quite a chore but over all I was very pleased with the effect.
I borrowed a snow flake cutter from a friend and made lots of fondant snowflakes to decorate the sides of the cake and finished off with a piped butter cream edging.

What do you think.........................

Daisy was really pleased and if you don't look to closely I think the cake has turned out well. The biggest worry was transporting the birthday cake and cupcakes to the party; however we did manage to arrive with everything intact.

I'm glad I have some breathing space before the next birthday, it keeps me busy having 6 grandchildren, although Laura is a fab cake maker.

talk soon x


  1. I think that your cake is fabulous!!!! It is making me feel cooler just looking at it. Happy Birthday to Daisy!! xx

  2. oh it is so great to have 6 gandchildren!
    My kids are big fans of FROZEN also :-)

  3. What a wonderful cake! Well done you, the snowflakes are a perfect touch! Chrissie x

  4. It looks absolutely fantastic!!!! You should be so proud of yourself!!! I'm sure, 5 years ago you only dared to dream of her 5th birthday! So I hope you and your angel girl had a fabulous day! X

  5. Brilliant cakes Sue , my 24 year old, Meg, absolutely loves Frozen !
    Have a good weekend,
    Kate x

  6. No wonder she was pleased - what a beautiful cake, and made with love as well! I think any little one who loved Frozen would be delighted to celebrate with your fab creation. Glad a good time was had at the party and that your granddaughter is now a healthy, happy 5 year old :)

    H xxx

  7. You've done a marvellous job with the cake Sue, and Happy Belated Birthday to Daisy! Joy xo

  8. Fantastic cake, well done. I've yet to have the pleasure of seeing this film, but my granddaughter sings two of the songs on an ever repeating loop so I feel that I know it already.
    Daisy is lucky to have such a talented grandma.
    S xx

  9. Sue, it's fantastic! Really, you did a wonderful job with it. Happy birthday to Daisy!

  10. That cake would be a favorite for a five year old little girl. Happy Birthday to the sweet little one.

  11. That's 6 year old daughter loves it too!! and she would adore this cake!! Sarah xo

  12. Happy birthday to Daisy, the cake is really excellent x


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