Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Fun in the City - Day 2

I packed such a lot into my little mini city break with Kate and as an added bonus Laura managed to join us for a day and a night as she was interviewing in London. Poor Vicky wasn't very happy that she couldn't come as well but we bought her a present from her favourite sports wear shop - Sweaty Betty, surprisingly enough it's not a shop I regularly visit! I did visit one of my very favourite shops though "Anthropologie" we spent hours looking round the Kings Road branch. I may have to whisper this as I don't want to hurt any ones feelings and I might quickly change my mind but I think I might like Anthropologie more than Liberty - I can't believe I have just written that down!
We had a great time planning how we would overhaul our homes, especially the kitchen as they have such unusual and exquisite pieces, I pictured myself flouncing around in a beautiful long apron, so fussy and not a bit  practical ( it would take an hour to iron and who irons an apron, but so covetable). Laura and Kate had fun admiring the clothes and Kate was very tempted by a little black and white dress, we even ventured into the changing rooms which as you would expect was an uber cool distressed vintage space with a fabulous sofa.

As we were leaving the store we spied an amazing mini ceramic exhibition, which has given Kate some super ideas for work she could do with the boys next year. (Kate is Head of Art at a boy’s school)

When we finally left the store it was way past lunchtime so we stocked up on some tasty snacks and had our lunch in a very pretty Chelsea Park which was tucked away down a little side Street just off the Kings Road. We spent a lovely hour eating, chatting and resting our weary feet, and also sampling a very nice chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, very decadent to be drinking wine at lunchtime in the sunshine - bliss.

Then a little more shopping and I bought a lovely dress from COS  they have  lovely clothes, we were all tempted, but unfortunately I forgot to take any photos.

It was soon time to collect Jakey from Nursery and then back to Kate's to think about preparing dinner and starting my packing ready to go home the following morning.

I set off home around mid morning accompanied by Kate and Laura who insisted on carrying my suitcase and bags. We stopped off at Victoria to visit the newly opened Dutch shop Hema . When Kate was at University she spent nine months working at a design house in Holland and fell in love with this discount store so it brought back fond memories for us all.

Hema store at London Victoria

Yet more purchases to add to my collection. Then it was on to Euston where I caught my train home. It was a very peaceful journey after the hectic tube rides, my carriage was almost empty. I spent a lovely few hours making some crochet flowers for a project I have in mind.

I'm home now and have been busy catching up with everything and everyone. But feeling quite jealous as Kate has sent me two amazing photos of yarn bombing in Kew Gardens. She spent a lovely day in the gardens with one of her friend's, Jake had such fun picnicking and playing in the sunshine.

Another place to add to my must do list for my next visit.

talk soon x


  1. Oh Sue, would you please adopt me so I can have sisters and come on fun, fabulous, creative adventures with you all? :-} I'm so glad you had such a lovely break! Chrissie xxxx

    1. Oh Chrissie you made me smile - I suppose I could adopt you as what's one more daughter when you have three already, we will be sure to invite you next time x

  2. What a fabulous time you all had!!! I have never been to Anthropologie, but I really want to go now! So many wonderful things. The yarnbombing is amazing too. So glad that you enjoyed yourself and that you got a new dress as well! xx

    1. Thank you Amy, you would love Anthropologie you must go for a visit but if you are going to really treat yourself maybe you should go the store in New York! xxx

  3. Thank you so much for allowing me to share in your wonderful time with your girls, Sue! I rarely manage to be with both of my daughters together but when we do, it surely is a lot of fun!
    I have very much enjoyed delighting in your bright and cheery pics and love how you could stretch out with your crochet on the journey home. Thank you also for sharing the yarn bombing pics - every time I see something as gorgeous as this it makes me wonder if any of it gets spoiled by folks who don't understand or/and appreciate the work that goes into these beautiful pieces! xo Joy

    1. Hi Joy like you I love to spend time with my daughters but it isn't often I get to spend time with all three, free time is limited for three busy working mums. I'm so pleased you enjoyed my post and like you I often wonder about yarn bombing but hopefully the pieces will be safe in Kew. Hope you have a good weekend x

  4. I am so glad you had such a lovely visit with your girls, exploring, eating, laughing, it does not get better than that. Lovely shops you visited and oh my I am sorry you missed that yarn bombed tree.

    1. Thank you Meredith and hopefully I will get to visit Kew Gardens next time I visit x


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