Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I haven't knitted for ages as all my spare time has been spent working on crochet projects and planning my crochet workshops. What a busy 6 months I have had. Kate had asked me to knit a hat for a friend who is having a baby and she also quite fancied a hat for herself. Kate chose some lovely wool and we bought some special Alpaca pom-poms. I have come up with a very simple but stylish beanie.

Kate was very pleased with her beanie - she always looks good in everything. I posted a photo on my Facebook page and can't believe how many people like them I have already had inquiries about commissions, so I have decided to make them to order, the yarn is a lovely 100% chunky wool.
Just visit my Facebook page if you are interested or leave me a comment. I am selling the hats at £25 plus p&p

must get back to my knitting
talk soon
Sue x


  1. Such a fab hat, love the pompom
    Clare x

  2. Its so cute Sue, I think you're going to be busy !
    Kate x

  3. The hat is perfect no wonder you had so many orders.

  4. Darling beanie. And darling girl!!!
    xo Kris

  5. It is so lovely! Kate looks great in it too-the pom poms really set it off. I'm not surprised you will be inundated with commissions especially for Christmas!
    Alison xx

  6. Hi Sue, hope everything's fine with you! Happy New Year!! Wishing you lots of luck, health and creative hours in 2015 :-)
    All the best, Nata xxx

    1. Hi Nata I am well thank you and I hope you have a lovely 2015 xxx


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