Tuesday, 16 July 2013

52 weeks of happy - 29/52................

Another week and another link up with Jen and four new happy images to share with you..............

1. my first crop of raspberries from the garden - they were yummy.

2. Kate and Jake on holiday in France - the beauty of iphones.

3.  my christening cake - I love baking and the cakes seem to have gone down well.

4. crochet flowers I am so happy to be able to crochet again - can you guess what the flowers are for?

another happy fun and sunny week - hope you are all well too.

talk soon x

(don't forget if you have time to join in with my Crafty Friday link up here)


  1. Such lovely happy snaps, your baking is divine and loving the coffee and cream colours of those crochet blooms ~ Sarah x

  2. Not sure what the blooms are for but I am staying tuned in. I made a Maggie rabbit #1 will try again in the next few weeks see here thanks for the inspiration. Jo x

    1. I will share the blooms next week - love your Maggie rabbit x

  3. Happy, sweet, fruity, hooky = beautiful!
    Joy x


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