Sunday, 5 September 2010

it's early on sunday......

oh wow! that cuckoo clock is just amazing. I want one!

 I should really be asleep but my head is buzzing with ideas from the creative crafts exhibition (although, like Sue says, it does seem that the cardmakers are planning to take over the world!) I bought some wool and a few bits and pieces. I've been lying awake in bed for the last hour or so thinking about knitting, I've got some neckwarmers to finish, like this one modelled by the lovely Laura. Some are for presents and some to sell in our folksy shop and at our upcoming craft fairs
 So much to knit and so little time, I'm hoping for a lottery win so I can give up the day job.

 I  ordered some wooden christmas tree tags and hearts from, they arrived yesterday and am thinking about how to decorate and use them.

back to bed now I think, and try and get some sleep.

Pam x

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