Saturday, 18 September 2010

"late friday night"

It always seems late when I decide to log on - its been a grotty week and I have had little time to be creative although am constantly thinking about new ideas.

Last week I talked about wanting to knit a cushion - well I have managed to finish my first cushion and I am quite pleased with the finished design, its 50cm by 50cm knitted in double knitting 100% wool in pale grey and pink.

I knitted a few small hearts in pink and stitched them on afterwards. I did think about swiss darning hearts onto the cushion but decided to knit them and applique them on instead.

I am going on holiday on Monday so need to organise myself and get packing this weekend. I have been trying to decide how much knitting I can take with me and avoid looking too weird.

How trendy has knitting become! -  maybe I can pretend to be Julia Roberts or Sarah Jessica Parker when I am annoying sun worshipers with the clacking of my knitting needles.

This could be me next week



I'm not sure I really believe that Russell Crowe has started knitting - but he makes knitting look cool!

Well on that note I had better say goodnight I will be back in a fortnight hopefully tanned, refreshed and with lots of knitting! Sue x


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