Thursday, 2 September 2010

"What shall I make next?"

Its Thursday evening and like Pam I have been thinking about the Sunday Craft Markets we have planned to do and keep wondering what we can make that's interesting, will we have enough stuff, will we sell anything - the list goes on!

I have been experimenting with bunting and instead of using cotton fabric I have used vinyl coated fabric which has worked well and will be great for in the garden - I will include a photo next time.

Also been making yoyo's which are made from circles of fabric which are then gathered - log onto Heather Baileys blog for a great tutorial and lots of ideas.


I think they look very cute and am quite addicted to making them, I have got to think what I am going to do with them all now!

So far I have experimented with some little brooches and added buttons and also made some little key rings - I am going to have a go at embellishing a plain cushion with them next.

Most of our creative work involves knitting, Pam and I love using simple patterns and lovely yarns (we have drawers full of it!) then making each item unique by adding extra detail - buttons, flowers, stripes, pompoms etc
Cutey hat and boots
We adapt patterns taking ideas from 2 or 3 designs and create our own new designs adding extra ribbing, a turn up etc - every piece is different.
Neck warmer
Stripey hat and boots
We have also started to knit novelties we started with the chickens and have gone onto little monsters, eggs, cubes, Christmas trees and my last creation was a leg warmer for a lamp which my daughter commissioned !!!

cheeky chicken
cubes and monster

Lamp warmer!

I have added a few images but wish I had mastered the art of  arranging the images better, hopefully will look less disjointed with practice

Cosy eggs

                                                                                                                                                                      My quick blog has taken me ten times longer than anticipated so will have to quickly go and cook an interesting meal in ten minutes.

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