Thursday, 22 March 2012

Granny Squares

I have had a busy morning looking after two of my grandsons which was good fun - we played lots of games indoors and a little bit of football in the garden - unfortunately Nana is rubbish at football!

After lunch I had a well deserved rest and I started to do some of my crochet work. I am quite a novice but when you go wrong its so easy to unpick not like knitting.

I am making granny squares for a blanket- not sure how big this blanket will be it all depends on how successful I am at making them and putting them together - could even become a cushion.

I love the colours - my daughter has knitted bunting in these colours and has given me the yarn that was left over so that it will all match for the nursery. The yarn is lovely its Rowans Amy Butler Belle Organics collection in double knitting.

    I have also knitted another mushroom


 I think when photographed in the garden it looks almost real!

Looking ahead - Pam and I have booked a table at a local craft fair on the Saturday before Easter  - I need to knit some things for the fair - not sure what to knit yet but I think pebbles and mushrooms may be a bit of a niche market!

I am going to think about knitting some new baby hats and maybe some knitted Easter eggs.

night night x

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