Thursday, 3 May 2012

getting ready .........

Have been sorting out things to take to the craft fair - Pam came over for coffee this morning and we added labels and washing instructions to all of our knitted and crochet products. We had the usual worries - will people like our stuff, have we priced it right, have we got enough stock, are we overstocked .............

Regardless of our pre-fair worries we are both really looking forward to Saturday, we haven't exhibited at a craft fair since before Christmas - it will be nice to catch up with people and hopefully sell some stock to enable us to build up our yarn stash - what a lovely thought!

blanket, pincushion and egg cosy 

assorted hats and boots

cushions, plant pot cosies, toys and snakes!

more of everything ..........

Pam has gone home to get more of her stock together and I have been trying to finish a granny square blanket this afternoon - hopefully to take on Saturday - fingers crossed

started joining squares together ......

blocking it flat  on my dining table ............

I've just got to crochet an edging row all the way round but still not sure it will be ready - will keep you posted.

Talk soon x


  1. Sorry it's only from me...wish I could come! x x ps Jake and I have just decided to make an impromptu trip to Liberty :) x x x

  2. Wish you could come too - have fun in Liberty x


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