Tuesday, 5 June 2012

crochet ............

crochet flowers

I had a lovely day on Friday, Tracey Todhunter came to my home to teach a mini crochet workshop. Pam and I had wanted to improve our crochet skills for ages and after looking at Tracey's blog I contacted her regarding tuition.

Tracey was an inspiration  - we worked really hard it was exhausting which sounds crazy but we concentrated so hard we had aching backs and fingers by the end of the day.

Tracey taught us basic stitches in the morning, doubles, half trebles and trebles - we also did them in the front and back of the loop which changed the look of the stitch, and worked in the round.

mixture of doubles and trebles

crochet in the round

Then we had a break for lunch and sampled my carrot cake ..............

In the afternoon we moved onto improver's and tried our hand at star stitch, puff stitch and popcorn stitch..Using the stitches we had been taught we then made flowers and granny squares.

star stitch, puff stitch and popcorn stitch 

more flowers .........can't stop making them 

granny square .............

Over the weekend I have carried on experimenting with my new stitches .................
small blanket of granny squares with added flower embellishment  

sampler ...........

                                                     bangles - I love them 

my first crochet heart .........

As you can see I have had a crafty few days - I must hide my hooks now and get on with chores - some people want to eat!

talk soon

Sue x


  1. Brilliant i think i will be commissioning a granny blanket for Elizabeth but will only know sex at the birth...i think your crocheting skills are brilliant you are such a quick learner. x x

  2. I will look forward to making Elizabeth a blanket :)

  3. Love the crocheted flowers, bangles and heart!
    Sounds like a wonderful day!
    I enjoy crocheting very much also.
    Your photography of your crochet is gorgeous, too!

    Wishing you all the best,
    Mary (from BYW 2.0)

    1. Hi Mary - many thanks for your lovely comments. Hope you are having fun on the course - just finished my first homework assignment.

  4. Thank you Sue, I'm glad you both enjoyed the day. You were both model pupils! The cake was delicious and I had a lovely day.
    Al the best

    1. Hi Tracy - you have a lot to answer for I don't seem to have put my hook down since our workshop!

      Many thanks again


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