Thursday, 7 June 2012

wet day ............

                        grey sky and rain ....................................
I can't decide what to do we are having friends over for a BBQ tomorrow but according to the weather forecast its going to continue to rain - do I ignore the forecast and carry on with preparation for BBQ as partner always cook! or do I cook something else...........

I've decided to hold out for sunshine (and if all else fails partner knows how to use the grill!)
I can now ponder on desserts which I love to prepare - they are my favourite thing. But what shall I make - my all-time favourite is baking for an afternoon tea but I don't think that will quite work.

I love vintage teacups - I think I will make individual raspberry trifles in teacups............... and maybe bake some little meringues - so actually its not that far away from afternoon tea but I think it will be a nice summery end to an evening BBQ ( hopefully not wet)

I've also got to decide on the side dishes -  I will keep it simple and cook  jersey new potatoes, prepare some big bowls of mixed salads and some nice crusty bread.

Whilst we are waiting for the BBQ to heat up I'm going to serve my favourite mushroom pate with pitta bread and a few other dip type things. The pate is so easy I can make it today and keep in the fridge until tomorrow - it always goes down well and everyone asks for the recipe.

Need to make my shopping list and then nip out to the supermarket - if I get everything done quickly I can sneak a couple of hours crochet in - I have become so addicted.

Talk soon
 Sue x

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