Tuesday, 3 July 2012

baking .....

Even though I am away from home nothing makes me happier than indulging myself in a spot of baking. On Sunday afternoon Kate, Seb and Jake went out for a stroll and I had the kitchen all to myself. I thought I would experiment with a recipe idea for Kate's wedding cake, Kate only wants a very simple cake. I've already had a few trial runs, do you remember the pink layered cake I made a couple of months ago.


Today I am trying a lemon cake and plan to fill it with lemon buttercream and lemon curd. 
The wedding cake on the day will be quite tall - maybe 6 sponges sandwiched together, my practice one will be much smaller as we just want to sample the sponge and fillings.


I didn't make quite enough butter cream to fully cover the top and sides - but it did taste yummy!
I also made little butter biscuits which Kate is going to serve with tea and coffee after the wedding breakfast. Ideally we need a small rectangular cutter and a stamper for the design. I had a fiddle with a cocktail stick and a little bit of fondant icing.

Not the required standard yet but the recipe worked well - its just the execution of the task that needs refining - also the right tools for the job.

can't resist making collages at the moment!

All together it was a fun and productive baking afternoon.

Talk soon x


  1. Oh I really should have thought of this prior to my wedding just so Mum would make me a few 'practice' cakes. They look great and I'm sure they tasted even better!

  2. My daughters seem to think of everything! practice will hopefully make perfect x


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