Thursday, 5 July 2012

Home again ...............

I've had a lovely day just pottering around the house. I have caught up on lots of little jobs and also had time for a coffee with Pam. It's Pam's birthday tomorrow so I have given her an early birthday present which she has promised not to open until the morning.

I have had time to catch up with some of my favourite blogs and also a new blog annabooshouse which is amazing. I have already fallen in love with some adorable little crochet dolls, which I am going to attempt to make. The blog shares the pattern and also gives step by step tutorials - they look fabulous  but I haven't tried to follow them yet. I hope I can manage as in my head I have already made a little family of them.

    Crochet Monkey          Crochet doll finished
               Don't they look amazing - the tutorials are in five parts, starting  with a kit list.

The head is started with a magic loop, I have just watched a crochet tutorial on "you tube" to remind myself how to make the loop - keep your fingers crossed, I am about to start!

Talk soon
Sue x


  1. These look too cute for words. Can't wait to see your little family! I love the blue monkey too.

  2. I'm already picking out colours x


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