Friday, 17 August 2012

my amazing bargain.............

I had a fantastic find a few days ago - I was looking in a few local charity shops for vintage teacups and came across some lovely cotton yarn. It was in 25 gram balls, one lot was in its original cardboard and cellophane packaging and contained 16 balls, the other two were just in polythene bags. One bag contained 13 balls and one 16 balls. The weight of the yarn varies, I think blue is about a 4ply, cream a bit finer and green a bit thicker.(not very scientific)

The wool was priced at £2.49 per lot, which means I have 45 balls of 100% cotton yarn for £7.47 - what an amazing bargain.
what a find ...................

what shall I make ?

I can't wait to start knitting or crocheting with it but I will have to be patient as I have so many projects on the go.

talk soon
Sue x


  1. That is an amazing find. Plenty of crocheting and knitting to come. Do you have any ideas yet of what you'll like to make with them?

  2. Not sure yet - trying not to think about it yet as lots of things on the go:)

  3. Wow, what a find. And the colours look lovely too.

    1. thank you - yes I can't wait to use it :)


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