Friday, 16 November 2012

an afternoon of fun ...........

I have had a lovely indulgent afternoon - it started with a manicure. My nails have been shaped, buffed and polished to perfection, the nail varnish is a lovely soft dove grey colour with a little bit of sparkle on the top, they look so sparkly ( if that's a real word).

I then called in to see Laura who was sorting out her cellar, she was taking advantage of the fact that both her little boys were having a play date at their cousins. I did distract her a little from her chores and persuaded her to have a quick coffee and chat.

My next stop was John Lewis, one of my favourite department stores. They have just opened a Christmas Shop and everything is so pretty and festive ( I want to say sparkly). I spent quite a long time looking at the wondrous confectionery they have, it's always good but at this time of year it's quite spectacular.

Another favourite of mine is the baking section, it is full of glorious bowls, jugs, jars, utensils, cookie cutters, cake piping sets, in fact an endless number of wonderful kitchen treasures  - I would love them all.

I bought a few little things as stocking fillers, that were good fun to choose - what do you think...............

cute little change purse filled with coconut mushrooms .........

Eskimo money box with chocolate coins ...........

little sweet treats ...............

I have got more Christmas fun to look forward to as I am out for lunch tomorrow with my partner and hopefully we can explore some of Manchester's Christmas markets.

talk soon x

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