Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Posts .............

I am planning to write a new post everyday from now until Christmas Eve - I'm not sure if I will manage this, but the idea is that my blog is going to be my advent calender - and of course it's calorie free.

 advent calender
I love everything about Christmas, from finding or making special gifts for people I love, dressing the house, making all the lovely special food, and sharing my home with special friends and family.

You will all have guessed by now how much I love cooking, especially baking but this year I am a bit scared as I am still watching my diet. Since June I have dropped two full dress sizes, I have lost about 36 lbs which I am thrilled about, but I am really worried about the temptations that this festive time of year bring, as it's so easy to put weight back on again.

But I have been focused and I am committed to maintaining this healthy balanced lifestyle ( keep your fingers crossed for me!)

talk to you all on December 1st x

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