Sunday, 27 January 2013

baking with little ones - part two ..............

As promised it was Finns turn to excel in the kitchen.

We started with biscuits and made buttery vanilla biscuits which are easy to make. They don't need any rolling out, you just form the dough into little balls and then it's straight onto the baking tray.

Finn got really stuck in and enjoyed making his biscuits. When they were baking in the oven he sat on the floor to watch them cook through the glass door.

We decided as we were making icing for the buns we would drizzle some across half the biscuits and leave the other half plain. They worked very well. Mary Berry would be pleased, they have a bit of a snap but not too hard.

Then we went onto the buns, I cheated a little as I had some plain ones that I had already made and saved in the freezer. It's handy to have a few dozen in the freezer as sometimes the little ones get fed up waiting for the sponge to cook and cool, they much prefer the action. So I had defrosted them overnight and they were all ready for Finn to decorate. We put different toppings onto saucers I added the fondant icing to the cakes and Finn did the rest

Finn definitely believes that more is more he couldn't have got more toppings on the buns if he had tried. Quite a few orange buttons and mini eggs seemed to go into his tummy and a few were shared with grandad.

Another fun day and a full cake tin to be taken home to share with his brother and sister.

talk soon Sue x

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