Monday, 28 January 2013

new baby hats .............

One of my friends is about to become a grandma, in fact any day now. She is very excited and is so looking forward to the arrival of her little grandson.

Even though I still haven't started my second sock and I know I have several blankets on the go, it felt absolutely OK to start a new baby project. I just adore knitting tiny hats and it's so cold at the moment that they are a must for all new babies, they love cosy hand knitted hats. I thought that at least two should be knitted up as quickly as possible and I was also excited about using my new clover pom pom maker to add a little bobble onto one of the hats.

The first step was to choose which hat to knit, I couldn't resist using one of Erika Knight's baby knitting patterns. Next was colour and yarn, I had some lovely Rowan cotton yarn in my stash so was all set to go.

my first ever baby pom pom hat ...............

I love the colour of this one .................

don't they look cute ...........

I couldn't resist making some more tiny crochet hearts ................I might make some bunting

What a blissful way to spend a few hours .............

talk soon x

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  1. I agree, it's absolutely fine to do some baby knits even if you have lots of other projects on the go! The wee baby hats are absolutely gorgeous, I love the colours, so sweet.
    M xxx


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