Monday, 4 February 2013

amazing bargains ...............

Just a quick post to share with you as sadly my daughter Kate is closing the doors on her business

It has been a very difficult decision but with her full time job and Jake growing up so quickly there are just not enough hours in the week for her to do shows, craft fairs and keep up with her website and blog.

Kate now wants to try and sell off her stock so is having a mega sale, with all main items reduced by 60-85%.

One/ of a Kind Boutique

Product Image

 Product Image

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 Product Image

 Product Image

 Product Image

 Product Image

Unfortunately Kate can't change the prices on her website without incurring lots of additional costs.

So here goes:

Tea towels are reduced from £12 - to £3  

Tree decorations from £12 to £2 

Tree triplet decorations from £18 to £4 

Make one sewing kits from £14 to £5 

If you would like to order anything please just drop Kate an email and she will send you either a pay pal invoice or her bacs details, whichever you would prefer. (plus details re postage)

I hope you have time for a quick browse as Kate has designed some beautiful things (I know I am bias being her mum but they are just so very lovely)

Thanks so much

talk soon x

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