Monday, 4 February 2013

superhero party .......................

It's hard to believe that Zachy will celebrate his 4th birthday on Tuesday, time just races by. His favourite passion at the moment is Ben 10, closely followed by Batman and Spiderman. Over the last few weeks Laura has been busy planning a superhero birthday party which would hopefully encompass all of his favourite characters.

After lots of internet searches Laura managed to find some superhero cake toppers, she decided on a Ben 10 topper for the birthday cake and a mixture of superheroes for the cupcakes and chocolate discs. The toppers are made out of edible rice paper and they work a treat.

A local church hall was booked for Sunday afternoon as accommodating 20 little ones plus parents at home was a bit daunting. Laura and I spent a busy few hours baking on Saturday in preparation for Sundays superhero extravaganza.

The party was a great success, even some of the parents sported superhero t-shirts. The cakes all looked great, and we had made superhero chocolate discs which went down very well in the party bags.

It’s amazing what you can make yourself, Laura had decorated the hall with crepe paper streamers in superhero colours, scary bats were hanging down in spooky corners and the floor was littered with balloons. The children had great fun playing traditional party games that all had a superhero twist.

The party looked so professional but cost very little. It did take quite a lot of time and planning but Laura loves all of that (especially writing long to do lists in her note book, Mr R thought she was planning another wedding!) and I had great fun helping.

 talk soon x

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