Thursday, 7 February 2013

my creative space - batch baking

My creative space post today is all about batch baking - it's amazing what you can make out of a 12 oz Victoria sponge mix. I started with simple ingredients:-

12oz self raising flour
12oz butter
12 oz  caster sugar
2tsp baking powder
1tsp vanilla essence  
and then added a few extras ..............

Sugar and butter were creamed together, eggs added slowly so not to curdle the mixture and then lastly the flour, baking powder, vanilla and a dash of milk to get a nice dropping consistency.

This big creamy bowl of tasty mixture was then transformed into .....................

1. a simple 7 inch sponge sandwich, with raspberry jam in the centre and a dusting of caster sugar on top.
2. a dozen chocolate chip buns
3. another dozen chocolate chip buns decorated with chocolate icing on the top.
4. plain cupcakes x 9 filled with fresh berries and double cream - to be served after supper (yummy)

I then made a sort of fruity, nutty, date cake, should have been just dates and walnuts but I didn't have enough dates so I added sultanas and cherries to the bowl. This was baked in a 7 inch tin and when cool was finished off with a fudge topping (really lovely topping even I was tempted to lick the bowl) I had a little fruity mixture over so made about  8 small muffins, a few were iced but some were left plain. I think they would work great in lunch boxes.

All in all a lovely creative few hours in the kitchen and to top it off I had my special little baking helper with me. Zachy and I bake together most weeks, the only slight problem I have is that he loves eating my raw cake mixture ................ just like his mum.

If you have time please nip over to visit Kirsty to see what kind of creative week everyone has had.

talk soon x


  1. Hello Sue. Thanks for stopping by your blog. Your baking is wonderful - in all in one day, too! It all looks delicious, especially that sponge, but those fruit cakes with the fudge topping - oh yum. I love anything fudgy. They would not last the afternoon in this house!

    Gillian x

    1. Thank you Gillian, I have to say they haven't lasted very long with my hungry children and grandchildren x


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