Thursday, 21 February 2013

My creative space - play tent

I am so pleased that I can share with you the finished tent - such a ta dah! moment. We started this tent an age ago after Kate spotted one on a blog post - I can't remember which one. So Mr R was given the brief to make one like this, but not sure how - he set to work with the wooden frame and I got my sewing machine out to make the fabric cover.

Unfortunately the completed tent wouldn't fit in the car, so it had to be dismantled and taken to Kate's in pieces.

This weekend it all got put together again and is now looking fab in Jake's bedroom. The next challenge was getting a photo of Jake inside it - possibly the biggest challenge of all.

not a great photo - but he was showing some interest................

it's not a slide Jake.................

If you have time pop over to visit Kirsty for some creative inspiration.

Talk soon x 

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many many thanks
Sue x


  1. I have wanted to make a tent like this for ages! Lucky Jake!

    1. We are still waiting for him to sit inside it - fingers crossed x

  2. It's wonderful and I love the dotty fabric! x

    1. Thank you, the fabric is lovely and as well as the dots it's got little stars on it which are Jake's favourite x


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