Sunday, 10 February 2013

rainy day ...............

The weather is cold and wet today, that awful drizzly rain that doesn't really know what to do with itself. In fact a bit like me today I can't really settle on anything, I have got some nice free time, but don't know what to use if for, feel guilty sitting I don't feel inspired to read, also feel quite cross with myself as time is ticking and I have achieved nothing yet.

Image from rainy day wallpapers

I've just found this lovely image which has made me smile, think I might get wrapped up, take my umbrella and go for a walk - not sure I will jump in any puddles though!

talk soon x

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  1. It was horrible here too, we didn't go out all day today. I often become restless when the weather is bad and am always amazed at how much my mood lifts when the sun comes out, however briefly.

    Gillian x


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