Monday, 25 March 2013

finishing touches, lists and a Tunisian owl ..................

Yesterday I had a lovely quiet day, my favourite sort of Sunday. I spent some time completing a few projects that just needed the final finishing touches. I have sewn up my baby hat, finished some crochet heart bunting, and I made a little owl shaped cushion (not very owl like) from my small swatch of Tunisian crochet.

I also washi taped a few more tin cans, some of them I have painted on the inside - this was quite tricky, not sure I would do it again. As I had a pot of emulsion paint handy I also painted a jam jar on the inside - it was a project from this month’s Homemaker and was supposed to look like milk glass - I quite like the look but I need to do a few more to perfect, as not sure this one worked that well. The inside lip of the jar didn't have a good finish so I have added a strip of washi tape around the rim of the jar which looks quite pretty.

I've got a busy week a head of me with lot of jobs to do before Friday. Kate, Seb and Jake are coming to stay for the Easter long weekend (I can't wait) and then I have my Easter egg hunt on Sunday afternoon which will involve 18 adults and 8 children followed by afternoon tea for everyone.

I feel a list coming on, but I don't think I am going to like it as some of the jobs will involve cleaning (not crafting, or crochet)

Easter List

Clean house
Food shopping
Bake for afternoon tea
Organise Easter egg hunt - write clues, hide eggs etc
Check I have enough Easter eggs for everyone
Buy flowers
Turn up and hem lounge curtains (decorating almost finished)

Well I better make a start but forgot to say I am about to meet Barbara for another mini spa day. We  supported a charity fund raising evening for Stockport Women's Centre a few weeks ago and received a VIP pass for Mottram Hall with a free beauty treatment each and full use of the spa facilities (including fluffy white gown and slippers to chill out in) I can't wait.

Thank you once again for following my blog and all of your lovely comments (if you would like to follow me I have also added a Bloglovin link as well as Google friends)

talk soon xxx


  1. Where do you get your gotgeous washi tapes from? Do you get them from the shops, or buy online??

  2. Love the owl cushion, can't wait for my hooks to arrive! Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  3. I love your owl! I think the jam jar looks very pretty also.
    M xxxx

  4. So this owl is what you were doing...very cute!

  5. I love the Tunisian crochet owl - so so cute!

    Nikki x

  6. Love what you doing with washi tape here!

    By the way, it's Google Reader that is being withdrawn, not Google Friend Connect which creates the list of blogs in your Blogger 'reader'. Google Reader and the Blogger Reading List are quite different things. Hope that helps :)

  7. That owl is adorable! You've got quite a list there - hope you find some time to put up your feet over Easter :-)

  8. Love the owl. I have a list going for Easter and mine involves some cleaning too :-( But some nice things as well :-) x


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