Sunday, 24 March 2013

brothers - precious moments......................

I was in the kitchen pottering and the two little ones were playing nicely, then Zachy asked if he could watch TV, I switched it on and went to get the boys a snack. When I returned they had snuggled on the chair together and Zachy had a protective big brother arm around Noah - such a moment to treasure.

I love my little brother.....................

I have to say this picture of brotherly love didn't last very long, Noah was soon wriggling out of Zach’s arms, climbing over him to climb onto the cupboard - leaving Zachy upset because Noah was hurting him - such fun.

talk soon x


  1. What a lovely picture, as you say a moment to treasure. Rowen x

  2. It may have only lasted but a few moments, but isn't it wonderful to see that bond!? SO cute! Attention spans at that age are maximum 5 minutes. Their little minds working at a hundred miles an hour, a fleeting moment of calm, then mayhem reigns again. Oh the joys :)

    Btw, love the Tunisian crochet. Very lovely work x

  3. That is so very sweet - a moment is better than none!

  4. What a lovely picture of a special moment. It makes me so happy when my two are affectionate.

    Your Tunisian crochet looks fantastic! Such a different style of stitch. I am intrigued.

    Gillian x

  5. A gorgeous photo of a precious moment.
    Anne xx


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