Saturday, 23 March 2013

Tunisian crochet new love

I have wanted to learn how to do Tunisian crochet for ages but was put off by the long hooks and thought it would be very difficult to master but after reading Matts post a week or so ago I felt really inspired to try.

I bought a Tunisian crochet hook earlier in the week and last night I did a search on You Tube for a tutorial and had a go. It was surprisingly easy to pick up and I love the simple stitch. The stitches look very neat and almost like knitting, the crochet fabric it makes is quite thick and dense. I'm thinking that it would make a really warm blanket. I worked with about 30 stitches and made a swatch - it's so lovely I've got to make it into something - but not sure what yet.

the stitch is so beautiful ......................

do you think it looks like knitting.......................

I love the detail...................
sorry about photo overload just wanted to include my little washi jar........................

I hope if you haven't tried Tunisian crochet you will be tempted to have a go - I'm sure you will love it.

talk soon x


  1. Hmmmmm ........ I may have to give it a go! Yours looks very neat. What size hook did you buy to start with?
    Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  2. Oh it's lovely. I've not yet mastered normal crochet or knitting so trying Tunisian crochet will have to wait for a while.
    Just wanted you to know that I am following you on Bloglovin so that after the end of the month when GFC ends, I'll still be following you.
    Have a fab weekend,
    Anne xx

  3. Wow, that's really pretty! A friend bought me a cro-hook back in the Fall and I just love doing that. It's think that's a bit like Tunisian isn't it?

  4. The look of the stitch is beautiful, it makes a nice fabric. Maybe I will try it, some day.

  5. Hi Sue, I've ordered the hooks, watched the tutorial, have the yarn! I'm almost ready to go, hope the hooks come soon, Rowen x

  6. That's really lovely. I haven't tried Tunisian crochet - I'm still trying to get to grips with regular crochet!
    M xxxx

  7. This is a lovely does look like knitting, a sort of rib stitch!
    Have a great weekend!
    Helen x

  8. I've given this a go today, and just posted about it on my blog. I just love it - it's amazing isn't it!!!

    Nikki x

  9. The stitch looks beautiful, I might give this a go! Liefs Else X


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