Friday, 22 March 2013

Shopping ...............

Earlier in the week I had planned a little shopping trip, it was a cold but really bright cheery day which gave me quite a spring in my step. I had a whole morning of "me time" so I headed to my favourite store (no sadly not Liberty - maybe it's my second favourite then) John Lewis.

Stepping into the store was like stepping into spring with plants, wheel barrows, baskets and such amazing colour everywhere. The shop was styled and decorated so beautifully I wasn't sure where to start.

The first floor always captivates me with fabric, yarn and haberdashery to the right, kitchen and cookware to the left - straight on dazzling confectionery and seasonal gifts - Easter eggs, bunnies, gingham and candy all forming vibrant displays - it was just so overwhelmingly lovely.

I'm not sure if you can take photos in John Lewis but I just snapped and snapped with my iPhone - hope you like my collage's.

I had saved some vouchers from Christmas so it was very exciting to be looking for a present for me. After lots of careful consideration I bought four balls of Rowan Amy Butler yarn in an adorable shade of pink which I couldn't resist - not sure what it's for so will be adding it to my stash (don't tell anyone as I promised not to buy any more yarn unless it was for something keep that one to yourself) I also bought a little white tree to decorate for Easter, I have explained to Mr R that it will be very useful, as he couldn't quite understand what I was going to do with a tree! To go with my very useful tree I bought some little wooden bunnies (another essential buy) my last purchase was some rolls of washi tape - John Lewis just has everything.

Before I left the store I nipped downstairs and had a quick peek at the furniture as I needed some inspiration for my lounge, then vouchers all spent and possibly a little more I headed for home. What a perfect few hours and then the added joy of some lovely purchases to look at and enjoy later.

It was nice to spend some time in a big department store as most of my shopping is done on line, although I do try to support local shops and I'm always happy to spend time browsing charity shops looking for interesting finds or things to up cycle or renovate. In fact over the last few weeks I have been to about ten different charity shops looking for some old fashioned grey blankets - Kate wants to make some industrial looking cushions (not quite sure that makes sense) and grey woollen blankets would be perfect. - no luck yet though.

Hope you are having a fun day and looking forward to a nice weekend, can you believe it's just started to snow - it's really cold today.

Thank you once again for following my blog and all of your lovely comments (a few of you have even nipped over to my face book page)

Talk soon x


  1. Well, I'd better stay away - I can see myself getting really carried away with the spending on all that gorgeous stuff!

  2. Oh lovely things, I like a wee trip to John Lewis too...
    M xxx

  3. Lovely pictures, wonder if I would dare do that! I only visit 'big shops' when my older son is visiting, most of my shopping is online or local. VERY cold on the East coast today, so glad it's the weekend! Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  4. Oh I love John Lewis! They keep saying they are opening one in Leeds but it never materialises. Their merchandising is always lovely and I like their customer service too.

    Love your washi tape tin cans, by the way - so effective and fun!

    Gillian x

  5. John Lewis is my favourite shop too. sadly I don't live anywhere near one so when I do get to one I tend to go a little mad (I'm a bit like that with Lakeland too!!!).

    Nikki x


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