Sunday, 17 March 2013

Saturday sleepover.............

Four little ones slept over last night which was fun. We had planned a film night with popcorn and goodies - it started well we all snuggled on the sofa with our pots of treats. Gradually as pots emptied so did the number of people watching the film when it was only me and Mr R we felt we should go and see what was more fun! 

On investigation my iPad and phone were causing major distractions, I had downloaded a few child friendly games, the jigsaws and cut the rope game were proving to be very popular, then a football tournament was started -  so the film never got finished.

After an epic long bed time story 4 children became 1 - Finn, Zachy and Daisy were all tucked up, Alex at 10 thought he should be classed as an adult so he was allowed to stay up. 

Mr R and Alex managed to find a football programme on the TV to keep them happy and I decided to do a bit of crochet - all quiet and civilised.

Morning started early as Daisy and Zachy woke not much after 6am, Mr R did the early morning start and I was allowed to stay in bed a little longer but did have company as Finn joined me for a snuggle and chat.

After breakfast I had promised we would make Easter Baskets in preparation for our Easter egg hunt. We used plastic plant pots for the baskets and made handles out of cardboard which were secured with double sided tape. 

Then the fun started with glitter, tissue paper, stars, sequins, you name it we glued it. Attention span varied, Daisy didn't last long, Zachy did well and also made one for Noah. Finn had the most fun and ended up all alone at the table, totally focused on his basket and then he made one for his cousin Jake. Alex decorated a basket but did feel he was a bit old for cutting and gluing!

 My house was very messy but a riot of colour from our craft activities and from jam jars and jugs filled with tulips and daffodils - spring was definitely in the air.

It's all quiet now children have been collected and I am still thinking Easter so I am about to crochet some Easter eggs, I have been inspired by Kate's blog greedy for colour  - so watch this space...........

Talk soon x


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I'm thinking about felting some Easter eggs this week! Anne

  2. Lovely colourful pictures of your sweet crafty activities with the little ones! They will have such happy memories of these times spent with you!
    Helen x

  3. looks like fun was had all round!

    Nikki x


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